European Active Citizens week

Activity overview: Active Citizens Week will include following

  • an opening and closing (concerts+ intercultural fair);
  • a week-long exhibition on positive migrants/minorities involvement;
  • skills workshops on different cultural aspects held by partner representatives & invited guests;
  • an International Conference “Towards inclusive and sustainable Europe” with speakers from across Europe and EU institutions. The conference provides the main platform for stimulating discussion and presentation of European report.
  • other side events…
3.05.2021 Opening ceremony  
4.05.2021ExhibitionIntercultural fairSkills workshops 
5.05.2021ExhibitionIntercultural fairSkills workshops 
6.05.2021ExhibitionIntercultural fairSkills workshopsInternational Conference
7.05.2021ExhibitionIntercultural fairSkills workshopsInternational Conference
8.05.2021ExhibitionClosingSkills workshopsInternational Conference
9.05.2021ExhibitionIntercultural fairSkills workshops 
10.05.2021ExhibitionIntercultural fair  

Outcomes: The week is intended as a positive celebration of the benefits of a diverse and tolerant society with a varied programme of cultural and educational events that bring together representatives of migrant/minority organisations/communities from across the Europe, while simultaneously providing a platform and a space for raising awareness and advocating, bringing forth important issues of inclusion and respect in a supportive environment thus fostering also dialogue and cooperation.