About project

Project activities:

28.06-01.07.2021 Hamburg, prepmeeting – 19 people.
01.07-04.07.2021 Hamburg, Public Debates (Western) – 46 people (from 6 countries)
18.08-21.08.2021 Tallinn, Public Debates (Eastern) – 38 people (from 7 countries)
16-19.09.2021 Barcelona, Public Debates (Central) – 41 people (from 6 countries)
21-24.10.2021 Rhodes, Public Debates (South) – 52 people (from 6 countries)
18-21.11.2021 Göteborg, Public Debates (Northern) – 41 people (from 6 countries)
12-15.03.2022 Brussels, EU high Level debated with vulnerable groups – 96 people (from 12 counrties)
01.05 – 09.05.2022 Tallinn, European active citizens week – 277 people (from 12+ countries)

Project outcomes:

  • Media campaign and web-resource development
  • A European report on the situation of migrants and minorities in our society and required changes in EU policies (based on the public debated/polls outcomes & experts views) with practical solutions.
  • A web resource, that we have dubbed the Intercultural Citizenship Network. This is intended as a platform for networking for organisations/active citizens across Europe who is dealing with migrants/minority issues on different levels of the society, but mainly those who are involved in the fields of advocacy, human rights, culture or education.
  • Empowered and tolerant European citizens.


The project “Towards inclusive and sustainable Europe” nr.625735-CITIZ-1-2020-1-EE-CITIZ-CIV was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme “Europe for Citizens. Project is supported by National Foundation of Civil Society.