Towards inclusive and sustainable Europe

The project aims to raise awareness about the importance of involving migrants and minorities fully in the civic society as well as sensitizing them to understand and appreciate the normality of different worldviews, customs, and ways of life among human beings.

International conference  “Inclusive and Sustainable Europe: way forward or step back?”

The international conference  “Inclusive and Sustainable Europe: way forward or step back?” was held in Tallinn, Estonia on the 5th of May 2022. The conference gathered experts and participants from more than 17 countries.

Workshop sessions on the 6th of May

Multiple workshop sessions were happening on the 6th of May. The so called workshop day was divided into two parts: in the first part international experts shared their expertise in such fields as migration and integration, intercultural dialogue, human rights and much more.

Concert performance on the 5th of May

The concert was held on May 5, with guest artists from Sweden and students from the Georg Ots School of Music. The concert was opened by the Gothenburg Alternative Orchestra under the direction of Jorge Alcaide.