Fair & Exhibition

Intercultural fair (Venue: Tallink Conference & Spa Hotel) – The Fair is a unique opportunity to explore and learn about the cultures, the family histories and the civic activities that all come together to make our community so wonderful. Take your time as you go through the fair, talk with everyone, explore everything. The Fair is about sharing and learning. For example, ask about national activities and traditions, traditional favourite food and cultures communities. Ask what they notice as similar and different between cultures. Ask about favourite family stories or stories of their culture. Ask about their holidays and celebrations. Decide to approach people and things that are different from you and learn about them. The Fair embraces the richness of diversity in our community and we ask you to do so as well with respect for each other, and joy in having a time to do this. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing as you will be exploring and maybe dancing a bit to the entertainment.


Exhibition “About us” (Venue: Dokfoto Keskus, Telliskivi 60a/5 (ex-B1), 1 floor) –  Aleksandra Lemke’s exhibition ‘About Us’ creates space to grow and expand. It shows the beauty and abundance of being a human. It shows human connections and our individual particularities. It shows intimacy, closeness and how we build bridges. It makes you want to be a better person and help create a healthier society. The purpose of this exhibition is to empower QBIPOC people, promote their human rights and raise awareness among the general population of the diversity of the LGBTIQA+ community.  The photographs in the exhibition are intended to encourage people who belong to an ethnic or religious minority who also belong to a sexual or gender minority. They’re not alone with their stories. These images aim to show people as they want to be seen; enable them to express their true feelings and, at the same time, reinforce the story that diversity is a factor that unites humanity. In this exhibition, the exhibition promotes the importance of an intersectional approach to anti-racism and in work which promotes good relations between population groups. Find more on: https://dokfoto.ee/en/uritused/aleksandra-lemke-meist/

Project “Inclusive Europe timeline…” positive celebration of the benefits of a diverse and tolerant society and project timeline thought emotions, discussion and project events. A small exhibition will be presented at the main Venue of the Festival (Tallink Spa Hotell) to share with participants emotions and present results of the project to the wider public audience. Exhibition will be created in collaboration with all partners.