Activity overview: Open public debates and exchange of views and opinion between cultures will be organised in partnership with active local leaders, representatives of targeting groups (migrants/ minorities) researchers, practicipans, policy makers, media, governmental and non-governmental organisations and EU institution representatives. Each topic of debate will differ from others depending on the realities of the region and the challenges faced by EU citizens.


 – Participants will gain new skills & knowledge regarding local and EU policies.
– Tolerance, intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding will be increased in the communities through dialogue and education.
– Through debates and opinions polls will be collected data (from West-Europe countries) for report on political discourse on local and EU level, on extremist or populist movements, distinct conceptions and migration/minorities challenges to propose practical solutions on project themes.

6 main themes will be discussed in frame of 6 public debates (Hamburg, Tallinn, Barcelona, Rhodes, Göteborg and Brussels)

  1. Naturalisation, Adaption and political involvement – BELGIUM
  2. Strengthening democracy and participation (norms and values, political education, participation etc) – GREECE
  3. Education (General education, language trainings,vocational education, non-formal learning, educational support services) – SWEDEN
  4. Professional success (labour market for migrants/refugees etc) – ESTONIA
  5. Setting into society and strengthening cohesion (Civil society, children and youth, culture, social work) – GERMANY
  6. Intercultural dialogue & Anti-discrimination strategies (combating the stigmatisation of migrants & minority groups and their protection, fostering European citizenship and improvement of conditions for civic and democratic participation of vulnerable groups (migrants and minorities) –  SPAIN


Image source: Unsplash, Niklas Ohlrogge,

Hamburg, Germany
1.07.2021 – 4.07.2021

“Setting into society and strengthening cohesion for more inclusive Europe”

Image source: Unsplash,,Jacques Boppi

Tallinn, Estonia
18.08.2021 – 21.08.2021

“Professional success and integration”

Image Source: Unsplash, Florian Wehde

Barcelona, Spain
15.09.2021 – 18.09.2021

”Intercultural dialogue & Anti-discrimination strategies”

Image Source: Unsplash, Serhat Beyazkaya

Rhodes, Greece
21.10.2021 – 24.10.2021

Strengthening democracy and participation

Image Source: Canva, Paul Wallen

Göteborg, Sweden
18.11.2021 – 21.11.2021


Image Source: Unsplash, Ernesto Velazquez

Brussels, Belgium
12.03.2022 – 15.03.2022

EU High level debates
Naturalisation, Adaption and political involvement