“Civil Society contributions to the EU Integration and migration policies” in Brussels, Belgium, 13-16. March 2022

The EU High level public debates’  “Civil Society contributions to the EU Integration and migration policies”, a 3 day debate journey, which brought together more than 85 participants from 12 European countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Slovakia), conducted on 13-16 March 2022 in Brussels, Belgium

High Level debate was conducted on the theme of integration, inclusion of youth and vulnerable groups (migrants, minorities and refugees) in ensuring more inclusive and sustainable society to examine questions like countering violent extremism, racism and xenophobia, policy making in EU, the role civil society in cohesion and integration policy, education and Intercultural dialogue.

EU High level public debate was opened by Dan Pavel DOGHI, DG JUST, European Commission by underlying an importance of inclusion and social cohesion promotion within societies.  

On the 15th of March 2022 participant had an opportunity to debate migration and integration policies with the representatives of the Political groups of the European Parliament, like Yana Toom, Estonia (Renew Europe Group) and Karsten Lucke, Germany (Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats).

Leading experts and participants from across Europe provided for thought on how to advance integration and migration policies of European Union and implementation of it on national and local level by government, civil society and other stakeholders in time of migration and economical crises in Europe.

Public debates has included following components: key note speeches, panel discussions session and Practical working groups/workshops for participants to introduce them to new skills and knowledge with final cooperation results.

“EU high level public debate has given me the knowledge, best-practices, and frameworks to kickstart my action plans on response to migration and integration crises for upcoming years″-participants from Belgium and Finland.

To further expand the impact of the knowledge shared during the keynote speeches and panel discussions, hours presentations given by leading experts are made available for your viewing.

To gain inspiration from the experts, watch the presentations now.

In addition public debates as a whole project aimed to support migrants & minority communities in exercising their rights and responsibilities in society and enhance their feeling of belonging to the community, both local and European.

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