The upcoming final event “European Active Citizens Week/Festival”

The upcoming final event “European Active Citizens Week/Festival” of the project “Towards to Inclusive and Sustainable Europe”, will take place on 4-8th May 2022 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The European Active Citizens Week / Festival will be a series of events that will happen during 5-days and will include an intensive program of official discussions in frame of the international conference*, working groups (about the achievements of integration and migration policies of the EU and importance of inclusion of vulnerable groups into active social life), trainings and workshops conducted by international partners and Estonian hosts, study visits and cultural performances (local and international), exhibition and development of new project proposals plus networking. A special attention will be dedicated to the presentation of an independent European Report on the situation with refugees, migrants, and minorities in different social life sectors prepared by international partners in frame of the programm “Inclusive Europe”.

The European Active Citizens Week will connect regional networks of practitioners, policy-makers, civil society organizations, young people, media, and governmental officials.The aim of the festival & conference is to explore the implementation of the EU action plan on integration and inclusion 2021-2027, to raise awareness about the importance of involving migrants and minorities fully in the civic society as well as sensitising them to understand and appreciate the normality of different worldviews, customs and ways of life among human beings and to support migrant & minority communities in exercising their rights and responsibilities in society and enhance their feeling of belonging to the community, both local and European. 

The international event is open to all interested individuals, representatives from public, private, and civil society sectors, who are interested or working daily for implementation of integration and migration policies, including representatives from youth organizations, educational institutions, governmental organizations, national and regional human rights institutions, researchers and so on. During the conference, we will present a Report Inclusive and Sustainable Europe:  “Vulnerable groups in Europe: policy realities on migration and integration, opinions and suggestions” of the programm” what will be one of the major outcomes of the programm, together with local Citizens’ action plans, which will be submitted to the European Commission and various international and governmental organizations, and the media.

Registration is open until 29 April 2022 or until all seats are booked.

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