IV Public Debate: “Strengthening democracy and participation“ in Rhodes 21st – 24th of October

The IV Public Debates “Towards Inclusive and Sustainable Europe” are taking place in Rhodes, Greece, between 21st and 24th October! This week the international meeting, which gather experts, NGO’s, politicians, and high-level representatives, minorities and vulnerable groups, is taking place in Rhodes. The main topic of discussion is Democracy and Political Participation. The delegates will discuss the processes of inclusion of vulnerable groups and minorities into Europe-an society through facilitation and strengthening of democratic institutes and everyday practices of civil and political participation across the EU.

The event consists of several panel discussions and working groups, grasping the following topics related to democ-racy and participation: naturalization and adaptation; intercultural dialogue; educa-tion; labor market and professional success; setting into society and social cohesion.

The result of the debates will be reflected in the final document European Report To-wards Inclusive and Sustainable Europe. Registration is open till 18th October 2021.

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