III. Public Debate in Barcelona, 15-18th of September

The next public debates are taking place in Barcelona, between the 15th and 18th September. The main topic of this round of public discussion is Intercultural Dialogue and Anti-discrimination Strategies. The main methodological and practical conclusions will become an integral part of the final document: “The European Report towards Inclusive and Sustainable Europe”. The results of the previous public debates in Hamburg and Tallinn in summer 2021 and the first preparatory meeting in Hamburg serve as cornerstones for future discussions. Each public debate is a unique event that allows participants from different backgrounds (professional, ethnical, and cultural) to profoundly share their experiences and ideas and perpetuate the complex approach.

In Barcelona, we try to go beyond merely the Spanish experience since the discussions are mainly centralized locally in Spain. We wish to raise the issue of intercultural dialogue and anti-discrimination practices as a pan-European concern. Thus, it is essential to involve people from all over the world in our discussion. The speakers of the event are prominent politicians, experts, and civil activists from Spain and other countries. The participants of the conference are NGOs and political representatives, educators, culture managers, health workers, and anyone who is involved in working with vulnerable groups. Nevertheless, we are welcoming anyone who wishes to take part!

The registration form you can find here.

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