Workshop sessions on the 6th of May

Multiple workshop sessions were happening on the 6th of May as part of the project “Towards a Sustainable and Inclusive Europe” took place. The day was divided into three parts of 7-8 workshops each. About 200 people from different countries participated.

The first 2 sessions were mostly led by experts from abroad. Most of the workshops were devoted to intercultural dialogue, cross-cultural training, human rights and non-violent communication.

Creative workshops were also held. The Göteburg Alternative Orchestra, led by Jorge Alcaide, held a workshop in which participants could learn to play musical instruments and try their hand at composing and improvising.

Especially for young people there was a training on public speaking. With the help of Nikolai Tsvyatkov and Vassili Golikov, young people for an hour were learning new skills and then in debate could practice their new knowledge. Also for young people were held seminars on media literacy and entrepreneurship, and for those interested in art Lithuanian expert Egle Spokaite held a workshop on theatrical improvisation.

The last session was held by local non-profit organizations and experts.
For example, for our international and local guests, the Mustamäe Open Youth Center opened its doors. They introduced the guests to their activities, discussed challenges and solutions related to the strengthening of youth in civil society, and cooked together national dishes to show the diversity of Estonian country’s culture.

There were also study visits to the Lets Do it World Foundation and MONDO.

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